Executive Committee – 2016

These are the members of the Executive Committee

Alan Karpas President

A resident of Livingston since Jan 1970. Raised two sons who graduated from Livingston High School. Currently have two grandchildren in the school system, one in high school and the other at Mt. Pleasant Middle School. Oldest grandson graduated L.H.S. 2008 year and attends Stanford University. A founding member and Chairman of the Livingston Vision 20/20 Committee, the Long Range Planning Committee for the town,a member of the Livingston Transportation Committee, the Livingston Green Committee, I also co-chair The Livingston Skate Park Committee and am President of HCHY Youth Appreciatioin Week Committee. I have been President of HCHY since 2006. I am a member of the the United Way of North Essex Executive Board. Currently serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Supreme Security Systems, Inc. Union NJ

Chitra Maridi  Vice President


Martha Ackermann  Secretary

Martha Ackermann has a long standing history of her commitment to the Township of Livingston. A resident of Livingston since 1986, Martha has immersed herself in activities that involved children. She is employed at Harrison Elementary School as a teaching assistant in kindergarten. Prior to raising children she previously was a retail executive and fashion director for a group of fine department stores in New York City for thirteen years.

For more than 10 years, she has served as a co-chairman of the PT Council’s Town wide Safety Committee. In her capacity as a member of this Committee, Martha works closely with the Livingston Township Police Department, the community and representatives of the school system to ensure that safety for Livingston’s youth is a priority. In addition to her continuing work on the Safety Committee, Martha was a founding member and is the current Vice President of the Healthy Community Healthy Youth (HCHY) Initiative of Livingston, a collaborative partnership between youth and adults creating a community where all young people thrive. As a member of HCHY she has become active in the United Way and she is currently serving on their board.

Health and safety are just two of Martha’s passions. Ensuring students in Livingston have access to a well rounded education is also paramount. Martha served on the Livingston Long Range Planning Committee’s Redistricting Subcommittee where she was instrumental in the decision to reconfigure sixth grade education, so that the sixth grade, a very important and critical group of youngsters in the prime of their development, would receive their sixth grade education in a standalone middle school. In addition, her work during these years on the committees resulted in building expansions at all six of the district’s elementary schools.

Martha believes that exposure to the arts is an important element in a well rounded education. She is a founding member, and the current President of Children’s Theatre of Livingston, an organization which allows children the opportunity to experience every aspect of the theatrical process, from acting, to set design, to lighting and the backstage crew. The Children’s Theatre of Livingston, which performs one play per year, gives nearly 100 children the opportunity to experience theatre. The exposure this organization provides to the arts during a child’s formative years affords the children of Livingston yet another avenue and passion to pursue as they grow into productive members of society. Martha doubles her involvement and her investment in the arts as a member of the Arts Council of Livingston. An active member of this organization, which actively promotes artists and groups related to the arts throughout the community, she was most recently appointed as Vice President in charge of performing arts. In addition to her current participation as an employee in many of Harrison’s activities, Martha volunteered at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School for years while her children were in attendance. One of her major accomplishments as President of the PTA (01-03) was raising $46K for a new playground. Martha also served as a member of the Budget Task Force for many years.

Martha greatest accomplishment though is her children Jeffrey, Jill and Christine.


Helen Flores Treasurer

Helen Flores has been the Executive Director of the Metro YMCA’s of the Orange’s West Essex branch since 2002. Prior to that Helen served as Executive Director of the South Mountain YMCA another branch of Metro YMCAs of the Oranges for two years. Ms. Flores has been a YMCA professional for 24 years, coming from the Staten Island YMCA, where she began her career as an aerobics instructor, and over 15 years rose to become their Associate Executive Director. Helen also was an adjunct professor for early childhood curriculum at the College of Staten Island, part of the City University of New York from 2000 to 2002.

Ms. Flores responsibilities include Livingston’s only NAEYC-accredited childcare program called Peanut Shell, another newly acquired childcare center called Weekday, well as two ACA-accredited day camps, 16 after school sites in five different Boards of Education and a full facility YMCA in Livingston. In 2004, Helen instituted a professional development program to ensure that all staff certifications are in place and up-to-date, towards a goal of “providing quality programs and service with excellence” to all who participate in West Essex YMCA programming.

Ms. Flores holds an M .S. in Education from Brooklyn College and a B.S. in Education from Wagner College. She serves on the Executive Advisory Board of Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth, on the board of ACAP and a member of the Coordinated Schools Health Committee, all located in Livingston. Ms. Flores is also a Board member of the Livingston Kiwanis Club, and a member of both the North Essex and Livingston Chambers of Commerce.

Sydney Arnold  Student Rep to the Executive Committee

Drew Ruiz Student Rep to the Executive Committee


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