Diversity Show – February 28th at LHS

by: Robert Allen Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The Livingston Committee for Diversity will again present an evening of multi-cultural entertainment on Sunday, February 28th at 7:00 p.m. in the Livingston High School Auditorium. Participants scheduled are the Livingston Chinese Association, Indian School, Asian Indians of Livingston and a band known in Livingston – the Juke Box Memories.  They have performed at St. Philomena’s Church and at Evening Under the Stars.

The Indian School will sing the American and Indian national anthems. They will also do a dance performance.

The Livingston Chinese Association will be performing the following:

1. Song: Farewell: Lyrics by poet, actor and playwright Li Shutong, music adapted from American song “Dreaming of Home and Mother” composed by John P. Ordway in 1868.

2. Dance: Red Lantern: Children dance in colorful traditional Chinese costumes to welcome spring. Their faces are as bright as the red lanterns and their happiness fills the holiday air.

3. Instrument Ensemble: The North Wind: This song is adapted from the famous Chinese opera “White-Haired Girl.”

4. Ladies’ Dance: Traces of Melody: Combining the Chinese fan and the koto, a traditional string instrument, this dance is an elegant and classical presentation of Chinese performing arts. Dancers dressed in the style of the early twentieth century move gracefully with fans, lending the music a peaceful and nostalgic air.

5. Tai Ji Demonstration: A form of Chinese Kung Fu which promotes determination, strength, discipline, and confidence.

6. Finale Song: The Olympic theme song “You and Me.” We will sing once in Chinese, and twice in English. The audience will join us the second time.

To round out the entertainment, the Juke Box Memories will perform: Joe Satillo on lead guitar, Pete Louerde, lead singer, Dominick Cocuzzo on drums, John Lamorgese, singer and on guitar, Rich Fontaine on keyboard and vocals, Jack West on saxophone and Tom LeClair on bass guitar.

Refreshments will be served following these performances.

Outstanding unique artwork will be on display from a wide variety of artists. All media represented will be for sale!

The event is free and open to all!

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