Holiday Edition – Hugs from Home

by: Robert Allen Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Bring the spirit of the holidays to our soldiers who are far from home on Thanksgiving. Hugs from Home – Thanksgiving Edition is a follow-up to the highly successful campaign (Summer, Holiday and Valentine Editions) which was in support of troops serving in Iraq. With the withdrawal and re-deployment of troops to Afghanistan, it is vitally important to continue supporting our troops in the fight against terrorism.

The Leaders in the (Livingston Youth and Community Services (LYCS) program wanted to take the time to remember those who are far from home and family. Collection baskets will be placed in all Livingston Public Schools (Reception Office), Library, Fire Station, West Essex YMCA, Senior Community Center levels one and two, Monmouth Court Community Center, and the West Essex Tribune office. The Veterans of Foreign Wars and Bunnie Ratner (LYCS Board of Directors Chairperson) have generously donated the money for shipping these packages to Afghanistan.

Items Most Requested by the Soldiers Include: Grooming and Beauty Items: non aerosol shave cream, razors, tooth brushes, toothpaste, bar soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, deodorants, facial cream, feminine hygiene products, hand and body sanitizers, eye drops, Skin so Soft or OFF with Deet (lotion or pump spray), sunscreen, chapstick or lip balm, paper towels or Kleenex, or other toiletries

Food Items in Non-crushable Packages: Oreos and other cookies, Pringles potato chips, Doritos, Slim Jim’s beef jerky, Rice Krispie Treats, Can pull top fruit or soup, pudding cups, butter crackers, individual packages of cereal breakfast bars, Kool Aid with Sugar, Gatorade with Sugar, and Tea with Sugar added

Miscellaneous Items: Word Puzzles, Cards, Travel Games, Baseballs, Frisbees, Magazines, Books, Music, CD’s, DVD’s, Stationary, Pens and other items

The last pick-up date for gifts is Monday, November 16th so the gifts arrive on time for Thanksgiving.

If you would like to join us in collecting gifts and want a Hugs from Home – Thanksgiving basket for your facility/business, or information about the Leaders program, please contact LYCS Director Susan Ridley at 973.535.2646 or e-mail her at

LYCS is funded by the Township of Livingston and the Livingston Municipal Alliance Committee (LMAC).

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