“Lance’s Lounge” Was a Success!

by: Robert Allen Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

This very entertaining evening activity for Livingston’s students of high school-age was held at the Senior/Community Center on Friday evening, March 13th. Over 100 high school students participated in the event, which was sponsored by HCHY and coordinated by the students in Livingston High School’s Community Action Club (LHS CAC). HCHY partnered with the West Essex YMCA and the Township to make this evening a success.

Live entertainment was provided by nine local student bands. Student organizers set up cafe tables in the multi-purpose room where the entertainment took place. Each table had a hot green colored tablecloth and an interesting centerpiece. Bean bag cushions were also placed in the room and this added to the relaxed, lounge-like feeling of the evening. According to Mike Carlin, West Essex YMCA Youth Coordinator and event chaperone, “The first Lance’s Lounge of the year was a success and HCHY, working with the West Essex YMCA, plans on conducting more fun, teen-oriented events throughout the year.” Any Township residents who would like to share potential ideas for an upcoming teen event may contact Mike at mcarlin@livingston.org or Beth Spector, HCHY Executive Coordinator, at coordinator@hchylivingston.org.

Livingston businesses, Shop Rite and Walgreens, donated the pizza and water bottles, respectively. HCHY also provided munchies and the paper products. HCHY is planning to have another “Lance’s Lounge” on Friday evening, May 22nd during Youth Appreciation Week. The format of that event has yet to be determined by the CAC.

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