LHS Medical Professions Career Workshop Was a Success

by: Robert Allen Sunday, October 25th, 2009

On October 23, 2009, Dr. Jeff Mermelstein DDS, a dentist from Advanced Dental Care in Livingston, presented an informative session for eighteen students who attended this workshop. Dr. Mermelstein, originally from New York City, graduated as a Biology major from Brandeis University and went to medical/dental school at Farleigh Dickinson. Dr. Mermelstein, who has been practicing dentistry for about 25 years, first covered the education required from high school, college, medical school, to residenies and a fellowships. All medical professions require that students genuinely love the sciences, love working with people, love working with their hands, and love “working in general.” Although the profession is very rewarding, the road to becoming a medical doctor requires intensive study for several years. Dr. Mermelstein also covered the various positions one can pursue in a medical/dental office, the salaries one can obtain in such positions, as well as how insurance companies work with doctors to assist patients with their needs. Students asked more specific questions about medical school requirements, how high school activities could better prepare them for their career, and also the lifestyle of a typical doctor.

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