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by: Robert Allen Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Livingston Robotics Club ( LRC) provides a community network to introduce Livingston area youth to robotics design and real-life science research. LRC’s member teams are winners at state, national and international FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) competitions. There are seven FLL teams and one Junior FLL team in the Livingston area, coached by team parents. The FLL season began on September 3, 2009, and this year’s challenge “Smart Move” is transportation-related. Each team not only needs to design a robot to complete a certain pre-defined mission, but there is also an important “Smart Move” research component.  Teams must identify a transportation-related problem and develop an innovative solution to bring awareness and make a change.

DSC02270 (2)

As part of the October 4, 2009 Eco-Fair exhibition, team Landroids and its sister team Landrias had been working hard to prepare their research presentations to show that FLL and LRC are not just about robots. Teams Landroids has identified that the increase in vehicular conflicts in NJ is due to the relationship between the deer population and cars, while team Landrias is studying the need for safe bike access to schools and town facilities in Livingston (click here to take the survey). Both teams have chosen a transportation-related topic closely related to the community in which they live. For more information regarding FLL League and LRC, please visit and

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