Livingston Skate Park Continues Fund Raising to Complete Project

by: Robert Allen Thursday, May 20th, 2010

The Livingston Skate Park Committee announced that they have decided to add a 16 foot Mini-Ramp to Livingston’s first municipal skating facility which is currently under construction.  The original bid included a two part proposal.  Initially the plan was to include a “Bowl” in the project, but the bid was accepted for the construction of the main park because the committee did not have the necessary funding to include the bowl.  The Skate Park Committee has since decided that a Mini-Ramp would be much more desirable than a Bowl.

The necessary arrangements have been made to add a 16 foot concrete mini-ramp to the project.  “By adding this component into the current project we will be saving over $10,000.00.  Having the skate park construction team currently on site building the park allowed us to negotiate the best price to add this great feature to an already amazing park,” said Skate Park Committee Co-Chair Robert Allen Ehrlich.  “We need to raise an additional $15,000.00 in the next week to complete the project this Spring.  If we add this component at a later date, the cost could be almost double.  The residents have helped enormously in this project through two street sign auctions.  Now we need the corporate and business community to step up and help us complete the project,” Ehrlich added.

The Skate Park committee welcomes sponsors and donations from local businesses and residents to support this long-awaited destination located between the Livingston Police Station and West Essex YMCA.  The motto of the park is “Respect Gets Respect” which will be proudly enforced.  Contributions of $5,000.00 or more will be included on a permanent Skate Park sponsorship display and mentioned in all Skate Park publicity including the Skate Park and HCHY websites.  This is a great long term opportunity to associate your business with the HCHY, Healthy Community Healthy Youth Initiative of Livingston, dedicated to creating a community where all young people thrive.

The Skate Park has been funded in part by the Township, The United Way and individual donations as well as the hugely successful street sign auction on eBay.  The last component of the project will ensure a fun, safe and enjoyable environment that will last for generations.

Donations can be sent to HCHY, Livingston (Healthy Community Healthy Youth, Livingston), 17 Mayhew Drive, Livingston, New Jersey 07039  Attention: Alan Karpas.  If you have any questions, please call the Skate Park Hotline 973-992-6411.

For more information, please visit We welcome everyone from the community to join us on this exciting project.

HCHY President Alan Karpas

Holli and Robert Allen Ehrlich, Co-Chairs – Livingston Skate Park Committee

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