Livingston Skate Park Rules & Regulations

by: Robert Allen Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

The following rules and regulations  have been presented to the Livingston Town Council for adoption:






•    All users must register and obtain a badge from the Livingston Senior, Youth & Leisure Services Department (LSYLS). The badge is in the form of a sticker, which will contain a personal Id #, and must be worn on the protective helmet.

•    Only residents of Livingston with a skate park badge will be allowed to skate in the park.

•    All users must sign the Livingston Skate Park “Participant Release of Liability Form.” Participants under the age of 18 must have their parents or guardians also sign this form. This must be done at the time of obtaining a skate park badge.

•    Minimum age of 7 will be allowed to skate in the park. Ages 7 – 10 must be supervised by an adult, minimum age of 18 years old.

•    The skate park is a skate at your own risk facility, designed for skate boarding, inline skating, and BMX biking only. The skate park will not be supervised. Users will skate at their own risk.

•    All participants MUST wear helmets as mandated by NJ statute Title 39. Knee, elbow and wrist pads are strongly recommended for skaters aged 11 or older but are mandatory for skaters younger than age 11.

•    Motorized vehicles are NOT permitted in the park at any time.

•    Only skaters are allowed in the skate park area. No spectator will be allowed in the skating area.

•    All participants must skate in such a manner as to avoid collision with other skaters.

•    Fighting and other aggressive or disruptive behavior will result in the loss of the helmet & badge and privileges at the park.

•     No food or drink is permitted inside the skate park.

•    Littering, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs, pets, radios or boom boxes are prohibited.

•    Graffiti or purposeful defacing of the park will result in prosecution.

•    Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the skate park grounds. Use of profanity or abusive language and/or vandalism is strictly prohibited.

•    No skating is permitted when the equipment is wet and/or icy.

•    No organized events or contests of any kind are allowed without the approval of the LSYLS.

•    Skate boarding is discouraged outside the skate park.

•    Lessons will be offered by the LSYLS on designated days and hours. The skate park will not be open for normal use on those days & times.

•    The skate park will be open, weather permitting, during posted hours only:
Monday to Saturday – 9:00 am to Dusk
Sunday                   — 10:00 am to Dusk

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