LYCS Announces Youth Appreciation Week Activities

by: Robert Allen Thursday, April 29th, 2010

To kick off Youth Appreciation Week, the Livingston Youth and Community Services (LYCS) organization will be recognizing “Acts of Kindness.”  This LYCS project in meant to increase awareness of how important kindness and appreciation are in our lives, not only for those “giving” the kindness, but also for those “receiving.” A number of studies show that “Acts of Kindness” result in significant health benefits, both physical and mental, for those who perform them. When kindness is expressed, healthy relationships are created, community connections nourished, and people are inspired to pass kindness on. Leaders and their families have been chosen to start their “Kindness Journey” with a “Token of Appreciation” card.  This card recognizes “Acts of Kindness” and “A World of Thanks” and encourages the student to pass his or her appreciation on to others.For more information can be found on the LYCS website:

LYCS will also be spearheading a summer campaign to collect items for Hugs from Home for Troops serving in Afghanistan. The campaign will start on May 1st and end on Memorial Day, May 31st. Baskets will be placed at the Livingston Library; West Essex YMCA; Senior Community Center level one and level two; Monmouth Court Community Center; Livingston Main Fire Station; and the West Essex Tribune Office. We will also be collecting cards and thank you notes for the soldiers to be included in the packages. Items include grooming and beauty items i.e. tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoo & conditioner, feminine hygiene products, sanitizers, sunscreen, lip balm, or other toiletries; food items in non-crushable packages i.e. Oreos and other cookies, Pringles potato chips, Doritos, Slim Jim’s beef jerky etc…; miscellaneous items i.e. word puzzles, cards, travel games, baseballs, frisbees, etc…

The “Livingston Mirror Project” will be on display at the Town Center, Livingston High School and the Livingston Public Library during the entire week of Youth Appreciation. Following the successful “Mirror Project” exhibition by Montclair State University last year, the project was expanded to include Livingston students (middle and high school) and parents and guardians. Mirrors were created around the question of identity “Who Am I?”

Look out for the “Adopt a Pet” tent on the Oval in Livingston on Saturday May, 29th. In collaboration with Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter and Care One in Livingston, LYCS will be encouraging the adoption of abandoned pets in search of a loving new home. Please stop by as you walk around the Oval and consider adopting an animal in need. Volunteers from the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter will be there to help you.

For more information on our community programming visit:, email: or call 973-535-2646. LYCS is a Township of Livingston: Senior, Youth and Leisure Services (SYLS) program and is funded in part by the Livingston Municipal Alliance Committee (LMAC).

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