LYCS Kicks Off Youth Appreciation Week Activities

by: Robert Allen Friday, April 24th, 2009

To kick off Youth Appreciation Week, the Livingston Youth and Community Services (LYCS) organization has joined with HCHYa_world_of_thanks_pic1_2 and the Youth Appreciation Week Committee in recognizing “Acts of Kindness.” This LYCS project is meant to increase awareness of how important kindness and appreciation is in our lives. Leaders and their families have been chosen to start the “Kindness Journey” with a “Token of Appreciation” card. These cards are to be given by the bearer to anyone of any age, for anything they wish to thank someone for; large or small during the month of May. The token cards have a tracking number on the back so that future recipients can follow the card as it makes its way out into the community, the state or beyond. Visit the LYCS website at to see where the tokens have been and descriptions of appreciation. We hope that all individuals will make appreciation a part of their daily lives.

Friday, May 15th Peer to Peer will sponsor a Teen Conference at Monmouth Court Community Center. The conference includes presentations on a variety of topics of interest to teens. This is an inaugural event, so join us in supporting Peer to Peer students and their dedication to being Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug free (ATOD). Registration starts at 3pm. The Teen Conference will be held from 3.30pm-6.30pm. Refreshments are included. This is a FREE event with limited seating, so please RSVP to (973) 535-2646 to confirm your attendance by May 8th. For more information, visit our website at

Saturday, May 16th Leaders in all grades will be showing off their talents at CareOne in Livingston located at 68 Passaic Avenue (2nd building in the back) in a Talent Show planned for 2pm-3pm. Leaders will entertain residents and their families at the long-term care facility. Students will sing, dance, recite poetry, tell jokes, juggle, do martial art moves and perform magic tricks. Participants will be having a wonderful time showing off their talents, and in doing so will be bringing smiles to the senior citizen’s faces. If you would like to perform in the show, please RSVP to (973) 535-2646 with your name, age, and talent by May 11th to be included in the program.

The Livingston Youth and Community Services (LYCS) organization is a leadership and drug prevention program in Livingston for students in Grades 3-12. It has served the community for over 20 years. LYCS is funded by the Livingston Township Council and the Livingston Municipal Alliance Committee (LMAC). Please contact us for information on its varied services and registration. Website: Email: Tel: (973) 535-2646.

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