Remote Control Preformance and Workshop Presented January 29th

by: Robert Allen Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

actors - Remote ControlRemote Control by the Deana Educational Theater is an interactive play on relationships, dating and abuse. The play (performed on January 29, 2010) is a unique educational theater program that explores issues, beliefs, and skills designed to encourage healthy decision making about dating relationships and friendships. The program was intended to help establish a community/school climate that discouraged abusive behavior and offered teens important information in a non-threatening format.

In the play, three characters act out several scenes dealing with an abusive relationship between Amy and Josh, revealed through the eyes of Darryl, a friend and classmate. Audience members helped guide Darryl as he stops, rewinds, and replays different scenarios, including how to help his friends. Students were engaged as they observed realistic verbal and non-verbal behaviors that modeled the warning signs of abuse. They also had an opportunity to watch positive role modeling as Darryl incorporated student’s suggestions on how to help his friends in an abusive relationship.

Remote Control shows the important role that friends, family and community can play in preventing dating violence. It encourages young people to reach out to friends and family who may be involved in violent dating relationships and to seek help from caring adults. Immediately after the performance students had the chance to ask questions of the actors and participate in a facilitated discussion. This performance was sponsored by the Department of Senior, Youth and Leisure Services (SYLS), Livingston Youth and Community Services (LYCS) program and the Livingston Municipal Alliance (LMAC). For more information about LYCS programs, visit our website:, email: or call (973) 535-2646.

*Pictured above are the Remote Control performers.

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